So I came across a very cool website a few months back called Colour Lovers that I wanted to share. Many moons ago I was a photography student and after faffing around in black and white film for a bunch of classes, I eventually found my way into a color photography class. We were the very last class to actually use slides. After us, all color was taught digitally. Makes me a little sad although I'm not sure why since slides were a pain to get developed. No one had the machines to do them anymore! That aside, my color photo class awakened a love of colors I did not know I had before then as my experience had been in the gritty black and white world of the photo lab. I was transfixed by how colors work together ... or didn't... and I learned quite a bit about using color to create interest.

Fast forward years later and along comes and I am in love all over again. This site is so easy to use and I've been inspired by so many of the user made palettes. I've even created a few myself! What I really like is that you really don't need any experience in graphic design or visual arts, you can just jump right in.

What I mean by that is I sometimes get this good feeling when I look at a photo... and sometimes I don't really know what it is that I exactly like about it, I just know I like how it all works together. Well, enter ColourLovers. I can link the URL of the image and ColourLovers will pull colors out of it. It deconstructs it for me. I can then translate what I like... lil bit of this and that into my crafting hoopla.

I admit, sometimes I will just gather colorful things on my desk for no other reason than I want to see them together. Buttons are even grouped in containers with their colors in mind. Maybe I need an intervention!


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