After almost a week away in Winona, Minnesota we are back from Mini Meet 2009 and it was a blast! We traveled up north with a mixed group of about 12 including Classic Minis and Newer MINIs... and a few more on trailers. The weather was a bit crummy with cloudy skies and rain for most of the week... but I think Minnesota was just providing us with authentic British weather to celebrate the Mini's 50th Birthday. Here are a few photos of the fun!

Driving up north...

"Family Photo" during the Show & Shine gathering....

M.I.N.I. (Minis in Northern Illinois) Family Photo... (my car is on the faaaarrr left with the U-Stripe)

Q and I even made it on the nightly news!!

... along with my car "Bender"!

After all the excitement was over with Mini Meet... we headed home with our friends Cathy and Gary.

Of course we HAD to take the scenic route and visit the SPAM Museum in Austin, MN.

Then we HAD to head over to Dubuque, IA to visit the Kalmes Diner as recommended by Alton Brown on the show and in the book "Feasting on Asphalt".

The ride home along the Mississippi River was very scenic and we stopped in a few small towns. Much better than the highway! As soon as I get all our photos up on my Shutterfly I will be sure to post the link.

So that about does it! We are home! Time to catch up on a lot of homework... and crafting too! Until next time.


PS Here is the photo album!!

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