So tomorrow morning at 7am we are off to MiniMeet in Minnesota! I am putting the QQ stores on vacation mode and we will be back in about a week... we're honestly not sure when we are coming back. We keep telling the family that we are going to run away but it will probably be Saturday or Sunday :P

Between all the hustle and bustle of this weekend I managed to get a bit of crafting in. I received a special order of 2 "Pretty in Pink" flowers that I made and packed for delivery. I also started on designing something a bit different... and much bigger! I'm not sure what I will call it but it is similar to a banner, but with large flowers.

When we get back next week I will take a few photos of my progress. I picked an apple green, hot pink, and white felt for the petals with bright yellow thread. I've already made a template of my niece's name to test it all out and pretty pink ribbon to string it all together. I'm pretty excited to see how it will look all finished!


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