Well, here I am! After several months of preparation my Etsy store: Quintessential Quirks is open for business! In an effort to keep track of all my projects and ideas I decided to start this blog. I'm pretty excited to finally have something to contribute back to Etsy after shopping on the site for almost three years. There just seems to be a never ending supply of really neat and creative stuff in all the stores. I get so inspired.

Right now I'm working on making felt flowers and my most recent experiment, blossoms. As I was testing out designs I bought felt from a few different stores. I quickly found that JoAnn Fabrics is the only craft store around here that seems to carry the 100% recycled felt. We try to be pretty environmentally aware in our house so it was pretty important to me that the flowers be made with recycled materials. I'm hoping to start making my own buttons soon and I have a great idea to make a garland with larger flowers. I definitely need more time!

I worked pretty hard to get the shop open after Q and I came back from our honeymoon in Alaska last month. I just couldn't wait until after the 4th of July holiday to get things rolling since we will be out of town for a week beginning next Monday. We are heading to Minnesota to attend the 2009 MiniMeet "East meets West" with two of our Minis. We're both excited and I'm looking forward to taking some flowers with me!

Until next time!

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