Honestly one minute it is Thursday afternoon and the next it is Monday morning. Where does all the time go?!

Unfortunately a headache struck Friday and I was laid up all day instead of taking care of all the errands and house tidying that I had planned. That on top of a graduation party for Q's cousin on Saturday and a trip with the M.I.N.I. Club to the Kane County Cougars baseball game Sunday pushed the light box project to this week. I've also been cooking up some ideas for remodeling our laundry area in our little home. All this makes for little crafting time.

That being said, I did sell 2 flowers over the weekend! One pretty in pink (which I am now calling the Talula Flower) and a Celebration Blossom! I plan on making Q's grandmother a blue flower for her birthday. We are celebrating with her this upcoming Sunday. So somewhere between my homework for class and Rudy horse is going to be some crafting time! Finally!


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