Part of the joy in shopping handmade items online... particularly on Etsy... is just how beautiful everything looks. I've read a few threads here and there on the Etsy and Artfire forums about how important it is to have great looking photos when listing items for sale online. I totally get that! I love looking at beautiful things bathed in the soft glow of light.

Reality check. I work fulltime and the weekends are always crazy. Between work, class, Rudy horse, and Mini madness there are not enough daylight hours to take advantage of beautiful natural light. In addition to that, who can depend on the sun to shine on the one afternoon you have free? My solution = fake it! And I found two guides about how to do it :)

I quite like the second guide by MAKE because there is not a lot of cutting and taping and fixing and adhering. I can see both working well. I will hopefully have a chance to put something together this week or weekend so I can actually photograph my items at night when I have time! Maybe Q can help me out.

It would be great to be feautred on the front page of Etsy... although it sometimes feels like you have to have the same cookie cutter photo of the item super zoomed in with a white background and a little bit out of focus for depth. Ah well.

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  1. YoursTruli Says:

    Great info thanks for sharing it!

  2. Steph Q Says:

    No problem! I plan to photo my attempt at making one of these and I will post it. :)

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