Blessings-Glassworks: I like buttons!

I just came across this post by Mary of Blessings-Glassworks about her recent move into button "freakdom" and I have to admit... I would move into button "freakdom" for those buttons too!! They are absolutely beautiful as is all of her work in her ArtFire store. Although the buttons are not ready for sale yet, I immediately thought they would be great for some "special edition" QQ felt flowers.

I highly recommend checking out all of her pieces. Not only are they so very unique but they are also wonderfully vivid and whimsical. My favorite in her store right now is "Tend you Garden" which you can see right here. From the little watering can to the bitty gardening tools, smiling catapillar and blooming flowers... I can't even wrap my head around the skill needed to make such perfect little flowers out of glass.

Not only are the pieces lovely but Mary herself is too! Within a day of opening shop over at and adding her to one of my favorites I recieved a cheerful "Good Morning" message. It turns out we are both vintage Pyrex fans! I can't wait to see the new buttons once they pop up in her ArtFire store. I hope you love her work as much as I do!


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  1. Patti Says:

    I found you on Indiepublie!
    I am following you now. You have a great blog.
    I love buttons too and these are very pretty and unique.

    Come on over and visit my blog too.

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