Well I promise in my time away from the blog I have been productive!

I have successfully completed 2 more totes since I last wrote.

I am sad to say I did not get a finished product photo of the second one. However, I do have one more that I am going to start working on as soon as I get through some other things I have in the works right now.

The other thing I have been keeping busy with is this:

Blinky is #1 of 4 pacman ghosts I have started on recently! Q says I need to fix his eyes to be more oval-ly and I think he's right. I still love him though :)

And finally I've been working on itty bitty tiny pin cushions! I have several sitting on my kitchen counter top waiting to get photographed and I will upload them here for all to see. I ordered some nickle and lead free ring blanks from Istanbul and will make the cutest pin cushion rings as soon as they arrive.

There are two more things in the pipeline too but we are having some good friends over for a BBQ tonight and there's no time to spare. Stay tuned!!


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