After a bit of a hiatus, I'm back with an announcement!

This weekend Screamin Monkey Circus (operated by Q) opened it's doors on Etsy! While at the All Night Flea Market a few weeks ago, Q rolled out a few of his handmade / handcrafted items and had some success selling to the crowds. SMC already has 2 items listed and will be rolling out various bottle cap crafts, branding irons (for the BBQ fanatic in your life), hollow book safes, concrete light bulbs, and original screen printed designs. All in all, it is pretty much a store that totally encompasses all of Q's interests: beer, bbq, hiding stuff, tricking you, and art. Good luck on the new venture Q!

In Quintessential Quirk news, yesterday was a productive day as a new dragonfly prototype came into existance as a potential thank you gift for donors to my boss's new foundation. The foundation aims to encourage college students to become involved. Today I gifted the prototype to my boss who is retiring after about 30 years in "the business" of Student Activities along with some felt fortune cookies with best wishes inside. So fun to make! In the future, the dragonfly design may be an exclusive M.E.R.I. Foundation item.

The recent return of cool tempuratures to the Chicagoland area has brought a return of baked goods to the Quirk homestead. While Q is definitely the cook in our home, I enjoy upholding the baking standards. Yesterday evening (with Da Bears football game on in the background) I got to work on my most recent fascination: Apple Pie on a Stick. It combines two of my favorite things ever... apple pie and stuff on a stick (everything from ice cream to corn dogs to cookies and of course fudgecicles). Despite not having a recipe to work from, I had great success in this endeavor. I promise to post the recipe soon!

Until next time!


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