What a refreshing weekend! I hope everyone had a nice relaxing time :)

Since coming home Q and I have been going non-stop in the crafting department. Yesterday I came home from work to find plastic cups, light bulbs (some broken, some not), screws, nuts & bolts, quick set cement, bottle caps, glue sticks, magnets, and two extra large zucchinis in the kitchen. Not to mention the bag of lavender and photography equipment I left hanging around....

At any rate things are getting done! This weekend is the DuPage Co. All Night Flea Market and we are attending! Every year we go to staff the M.I.N.I. club table but this year we are gearing up to sell too! Exciting :)

In other exciting news... 3 of my items have made it onto! The pretty lavender sachets, my sunny side up flower, and my little teal poptop. It is juried website so I am happy to have been accepted. It is an absolutely beautiful website... another one of those where you can just get lost for hours.

Sooo it is getting quite late here in Chicagoland so I best be closing up shop. Before I go though, here is a kinda crummy photo of the recent additions to the Poptop family. The delicious photos to come soon ;) Good night and be well.


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