TA-DA! Introducing an original quirk: poptop pin cushions! They are made of the same eco felt I use in all my crafts and itty bitty buttons cradled in a upcycled pop (root beer) and beer bottle caps. Contemplating offering these as-is even though their original intent was to be attached to ring blanks and be pin cushion rings. I absolutely love how they turned out. One would be just as useful in a mini sewing kit as on a ring. They fit perfectly in an Altoids tin... I tested it out! More photos are on my Facebook Fan Page:

Next in line to be completed are these little sachets for lavender. I just need to fill them up and package them and they will be ready for their new home. The pound of lavender in my work space waiting to be scooped up is soooo lovely.

The long awaited red and orange fall leaf has FINALLY been listed. I was stalled so many times with this one but fingers crossed, the next few will not be such an ordeal!


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