I know, I know... it's already the 21st! Nevertheless, happy new year and I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Q and I had an amazing holiday visiting my family in Peru for about 3 weeks. Here is a photo of us arriving at the airport.

It was sunny and warm... and we came home to A LOT of snow in Chicago! Coming home did mean that we finally had a chance to wrap up the holidays with the Q side of the family though and that was a good time :)

Now that we are back, it is time to gear up for our first craft show in April at the Handmade Market Chicago. Truth be told, there is a lot of crafting that needs to take place between now and then! We have to secure a table and figure out what we are going to take and how we are going to display it. Ya know... all that jazz! I'll be sure to check in as we progress down the road to the first craft show.

Since it is late tonight I will keep this short and sweet... and here is something very sweet.

I just wanted to share a photo of Mya wearing a Quintessential Quirks eco-felt flower via my friend Andie. (Thanks to Sherry for allowing me to upload this adorable photo! It really made my day!)

Until next time,


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