Greetings!! Yesterday was the final day of the Quintessential Quirks Creativity Kits donation drive to benefit the Humanitarian Service Project. My goal at the beginning of this drive was to raise awareness about HSP and put together 5 creativity kits to give local kids the opportunity to grow their creativity. I'm very happy to say that the QQ Etsy store sold 48 items from November 1st through December 6th so I will be donating 48 arts & craft items... enough to put together 5 kits (plus a little bit more)!

Here are photos of the stash so far! My friend Chris is going to be adding a few things from her scrapbooking stock too so there's a bit more to come. Next weekend we are going to volunteer at HSP and will deliver the boxes. I hope the kids enjoy them!

In other exciting news, Q and I officially booked our first craft show. It will be at the Handmade Market Chicago on April 10th, 2010. We are sharing a 4 foot booth and I can honestly say we have zero experience with craft shows! Regardless, we are excited!

That is about it for now. Q had a great feature recently on in an article all about gifts made from old recycled tech. You can check it out here:

... and we are ready for Christmas

... and ready for a bit of a crafting break. Both shops will be going on vacation next week until after the new year. We've had a wonderful year creating and have so many ideas for 2010. Thanks for reading and I'll be checking in once again before Christmas.


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