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We are on day 19 of collecting donations for the Humanitarian Service Project and I'm happy to report we are at 23 items for the Creativity Kits!! So exciting!!

On Tuesday I presented my very last project in my very last class for my Masters degree program! I cannot tell you what a relief that was... now I can finally focus on my thesis and wrap this program up. Fortunately I have a pretty good idea of what I am going choose as my thesis topic so I'm planning to get a proposal ready in January, approach readers, apply for a grant, etc, etc.

In crafting news, Q and Screamin Monkey Circus continue to be featured in treasuries and gift guides all over Etsy plus his items continue to be featured on Craftgawker! The hollow book orders keep rolling in and this makes for a very busy Q. I do have to send out a thanks to him though as he spent all afternoon yesterday tidying up billions of pieces of shredded paper and organizing his newest book acquisitions in our craft studio.

Last night while Q was working hard tidying up I finally had a chance to get back to the barn after about a weeks hiatus. Finals week always takes me away from the barn but the minute school was over, I was back in the saddle and rode both Rudy and Delia!

Here is Rudy:

... and this is Delia:

Soooo of course I was exhausted this morning and could barely wake up at 6:30 a.m. for work hehe. Sorry Q! Once I finally did wake up I came upon a message in my inbox from Candace of Bridgewater Art with a consignment inquiry! Check out the sweet Boston gallery here: Bridgewater Art

I sent my items to Long Beach at the beginning of the month for Cosa Bella... so I'm happy to announce that soon you might be able to purchase QQ goods on each coast! Yey!

Just in case I don't have a chance to update in the next week, have a happy Thanksgiving holiday!


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